Question: is the unification of ekaggatā the same as equanimity?

A to the Q:

It can be.

In the refined mind state of fourth jhāna, unification and equanimity have merged. This kind of unification is one way that equanimity shows up. In the context of this kind of deep meditative state, the serenity of unification can show up as embodied stillness and equanimity. The body and mind are quiet and experience neither pleasure nor pain, which is very peaceful and can be healing. It is a taste of a certain kind of freedom.

There are other forms of equanimity that are not so still, or gathered around a single meditation object. Rather, these forms of equanimity are part of a broad, flexible, open awareness, receptive to a wide variety of experiences, in which many things are coming and going. These more open forms of equanimity can be just as powerful.

Broadly speaking, open forms of equanimity are characterized by a stable, fluid, flexible way of receiving, allowing disparate experiences to flow through unimpeded by greed or aversion, by attachment. This is also a taste of freedom, a kind of freedom that is responsive, aware of context and surroundings. Both kinds of equanimity are quite beautiful, and each can be healing and transformative. However it is experienced, equanimity tends to be onward leading towards freedom.

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