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  • On wisdom and equanimity

    One simple way to consider the difference between wisdom and equanimity is to look at how each of these qualities function in our minds and lives. One important function of wisdom, for example, is to discern which actions of body, speech, or mind are likely to result in benefit – or in harm. Discerning wisdom […]

  • Some influences on my teaching

    My evolution as a practitioner and teacher  (part 2) After being urged to teach, I asked my Western Dharma teachers for guidance on further mentoring and education. Guy was headed to Burma to temporarily ordain, and Joseph was on the other side of the country. They suggested that I practice and receive mentoring from Gil […]

  • A bit about my practice

     (part 1) I come from a spiritually eclectic background revolving around a love of nature and science. I was lucky to have the opportunity to practice in many Buddhist contexts early on, including local Zen temples and a lengthy Buddhist pilgrimage in Asia. I’m a bit of an amateur cultural anthropologist, and fell in love […]

  • Welcome home to this moment

    Welcome Home to this moment. Stay tuned for posts on Buddhist path of practice, meditation, and the Dharma.