Question: Why can’t I Get as Deep as I used to?

Question: When I first began, it was difficult I have moments where I can be in a trance state but they’re not long like they used to be I can’t get as deep as I used to but I have moments of that deepness is there any advice you can give me?


If you find that you are not getting as deep, or quiet, as easily, take heart! The goal of mindfulness meditation is not to be in a trance state, rather, to become aware and discerning, equanimous, with what arises. Remember, the goal is to awaken – awaken into awareness of the moment, and awareness of how we add layers to our experience that make it more complicated, less helpful, for our minds, hearts, and lives. It is this discernment and equanimity that eventually leads to the deepest peace– freedom from making things worse through greed, aversion, and delusion.

While it is common for people to think they need to be in a trance like state, or to associate meditation only with peace or tranquility, these beautiful states are not the only – or always the most enduring – ways of developing the enduring peace of waking up.

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